Terra MOD products on nrt system

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Terra MOD products on nrt system

by marcolaiolo » Wed Oct 26, 2022 2:33 pm America/New_York

Since 25 October, just after few days following the end of the operation involving Terra instruments the MOD product (e.g. MOD03 or MOD021KM) doesn't appear in the https://nrt3.modaps.eosdis.nasa.gov/archive/allData/61/
but yet all the folder related to this product are visible and correctly populated after (ca.) the 21 October as cited in your message.
Perhaps have you shifted in other path the MOD products?
Please let me know what happens and if you already knowthe timing for fixing this big problem.
Sincerely and thanks for your great works.
Marco Laiolo


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Re: Terra MOD products on nrt system

by LAADS_UserServices_M » Thu Oct 27, 2022 12:01 pm America/New_York

Dear Marco Laiolo:
You are not seeing MODIS Terra (MOD*) data because these data are not yet available after the Terra Constellation Exit Maneuver. We sent an email to all NRT data users subscribed to "lance-modis@lists.nasa.gov" list on 10-20-2022 in this regards. The message was:
" Terra Constellation Exit Maneuver (CEM) #2 was completed successfully on October 19. The loss of pointing accuracy times are: LOPA: 2022/292 19:03:45-22:48:44. Starting today, October 20, MODIS IOT will begin commanding to return the sensor back to nominal operations. Following that, MODIS Characterization Support Team (MCST) will begin to assess the instrument status next week. MODAPS will resume all Terra data production, once confirmation and updated LUTs are received from MCST "

You will again see all data when available from nrt3 server (the link you mentioned in your message).
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