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EMIT Identifies Methane 'Super-Emitters'

Posted: Fri Nov 04, 2022 10:41 am America/New_York
by LP DAAC - jwilson
NASA's Earth Surface Mineral Dust Source Investigation (EMIT) mission is mapping the prevalence of key minerals in the planet's dust-producing deserts - information that will advance our understanding of airborne dust's effect on climate. In addition to mapping airborne dust, EMIT also has capacity to detect the presence of methane, a potent greenhouse gas. Since July, EMIT has collected data aboard the International Space Station (ISS) and has identified over 50 "super-emitters" across the globe. Super-emitters are facilities, equipment, and other infrastructure, typically in the fossil-fuel, waste, or agriculture sectors, that emit methane at high rates. EMIT's mineral data will help improve climate modeling but also the measuring and monitoring of greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change. Read NASA JPL’s article "Methane 'Super-Emitters' Mapped by NASA's New Earth Space Mission" to learn more about the mission and super-emitters.