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Level-3 binned data on ERRDAP

Posted: Wed Dec 21, 2022 7:49 am America/New_York
by clays_bio
Hi everyone,

I have daily netCDFs containing a regionally-tuned version of OCx chlorophyll for the Northwest Atlantic, and have kept them in the 4km-resolution level-3 binned spatial format of the L3b Rrs data from NASA OBPG that was used to model them. I've been in touch with CIOOS Atlantic to try to figure out how to distribute it, and they use ERRDAP to make their data available. I don't have a lot of experience with ERRDAP, but my main concern is that it seems that all the satellite data they have on there is regularly gridded data. There's also an option for tabular data, but I'm not sure if that would work with tens of thousands of data points per day.

I would prefer to keep it in binned format instead of mapping it and changing the values, but I'm not sure if it's possible... Is there binned data available on ERRDAP that I missed? Or are the binned datasets not available on any ERRDAPs because they aren't on a regular grid? Does anyone have experience trying to distribute binned data on this platform?

Re: Level-3 binned data on ERRDAP

Posted: Wed Jan 11, 2023 10:56 am America/New_York
by ASDC - ingridgs
Hello @clays_bio

The ERRDAP tool belongs to NOAA Coastwatch. I would suggest reaching out to them.


Re: Level-3 binned data on ERRDAP

Posted: Wed Jan 11, 2023 1:00 pm America/New_York
by OB.DAAC - SeanBailey
I can pretty much guarantee that ERRDAP does not support our binned format. It is a rather peculiar one, great for storing sparse data and combining with other similarly stored data, but not so much for ease of reading. If you want your data to be supported by an ERRDAP server, it will likely need to be in a gridded format.