Seadas GEO.hdf

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Seadas GEO.hdf

by arnabp893 » Wed Feb 01, 2023 10:44 am America/New_York

Hello support,

I am using SeasDAS version 8.2.0 and ocssw tag V2022.3
While processing L1B to L2 MODIS data I am having trouble generating it L1B_LAC. Although the processing works but only generating L1B.hdf file.
Thank you


OB SeaDAS - xuanyang02
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Re: Seadas GEO.hdf

by OB SeaDAS - xuanyang02 » Wed Feb 01, 2023 11:38 am America/New_York

SeaDAS processors (OCSSW) V2022.3 works best with SeaDAS 8.3.0.

With V2022.3, we use the new naming convention --
For A2010283180500.L1A_LAC (MODIS AUQA L1A)
modis_GEO -> AQUA_MODIS.20101010T180500.GEO.hdf (GEO) from L1A
modis_L1B -> AQUA_MODIS.20101010T180500.L1B.hdf (L1B) from L1A + GEO
l2gen -> (L2) from L1B + GEO

If you want to have an L1B file with the name A2010283180500.L1B_LAC, you can choose A2010283180500.L1B_LAC as your ofile name in modis_L1B GUI, or use "--okm A2010283180500.L1B_LAC" as one of the arguments for modis_L1B on the command line

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