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TUTORIAL: OPeNDAP in the Cloud

Posted: Fri Feb 03, 2023 12:03 am America/New_York
by PODAAC - colleen
OPeNDAP is a standard interface for transferring, transforming and subsetting earth science data. It’s capable of subsetting by time, space and variable, and is a great tool for those looking to reduce the amount of gridded data required for research or analysis to a specific region, time, or set of variables.

OPeNDAP in the cloud” is a hosted, Earthdata enterprise service that provides a single interface to all Earthdata cloud data enabled for OPeNDAP. Because of the move to a hosted service, there are some mechanisms that have changed for how users interact with the tool.

The way OPeNDAP-in-the-cloud works is by file (or by granule). In its current form, it expects access to be done by a specific data file. As such, it is driven by search and metadata more so than an entire collection of files. Search and metadata use the Earthdata Common Metadata Repository(CMR) -

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