giovanni4-GLDAS_NOAH025_M (or 3H)-v2.1-Near_Surface_Wind_Speed

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giovanni4-GLDAS_NOAH025_M (or 3H)-v2.1-Near_Surface_Wind_Speed

by amalkar » Tue Mar 14, 2023 5:09 am America/New_York

Dear Sir,
This is with reference to the variable "Near-Surface Wind Speed", the global data for which is posted at Monthly and 3-hourly intervals under the GLDAS_NOAH025 platform, and is available from your Giovanni-4 site.
KINDLY inform if the word "Near-surface" means wind speed measured at 10 m height, or at 2 m height.
Since this specification is essential for further quantification and analysis of the data, i also request that the word "Near-surface" be replaced with the approximate height at which the data is reported.
Your reply will be highly appreciated.
With Regards,
amal kar.
(Kolkata, INDIA)


GES DISC - mgreene
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Re: giovanni4-GLDAS_NOAH025_M (or 3H)-v2.1-Near_Surface_Wind_Speed

by GES DISC - mgreene » Thu Mar 16, 2023 11:12 am America/New_York

The wind speed is at the 10-meter height. Information on the GLDAS variables
can be found in the
Specifically, section 3.5 point 7 states "Heights of forcing fields depend on
the datasets used to drive the simulation. Presently, all the GLDAS datasets
use the 2-meter temperature and specific
humidity and the 10-meter wind for the entire time span."

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