Tips for posting good questions on the Earthdata Forum

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Tips for posting good questions on the Earthdata Forum

by ASDC - rkey » Wed Jun 28, 2023 7:52 am America/New_York

Please include as much of the information listed below in your message as possible.
Note that this information is not required – providing it enhances our ability to assist you, and may reduce the time required to resolve your query:
  • The specific URL (Web address) for the page or data set you were attempting to access
  • The date and time you accessed the site
  • The general type of research you are conducting
  • The name of the data product, data set, or data variable you were searching for
  • The access method you are using (browser, wget)
    • If browser, the web browser and is it configured to accept cookies
    • If wget, the wget version ('wget -V')
    • If curl, the curl version ('curl -V')
  • The platform you are using (mac, PC, linux) and operating system and the current version name and number
  • The application you were using (Giovanni, WMS, OPeNDAP, etc.)
  • Any significant error messages seen in your session
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