How to search ASTER databases via GPS coordinate?

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How to search ASTER databases via GPS coordinate?

by huismichael » Fri Jun 30, 2023 8:27 pm America/New_York


Is there any way to search through the ASTER L2 databases (e.g., AST_05, AST_07) using GPS coordinates instead of browsing the granule library made available in Earthdata?

For example, AG100 has its granules file name labelled where it embeds the Northwest corner GPS coordinates for its images (i.e., AG100.v003.-01.-035.0001.h5 has -01.-035 for GPS coordinates). Does something similar exist for AST_05 or AST_07 files? Or is the GIS software the only reliable way of searching for this information? I understand that the metadata for the granules has border box coordinates, but this involves extracting/downloading the 4 million plus metadata files to extract this information (which isn't very efficient).


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Re: How to search ASTER databases via GPS coordinate?

by LP DAAC - jwilson » Mon Jul 03, 2023 12:23 pm America/New_York

@huismichael Earthdata search has a more streamlined method of searching and ordering for ASTER products. If you search for the product you want to order (e.g. AST_L1B) instead of searching for AST-L1A data you will get a list of all the AST_L1As that qualify to make that product. You will need to do a new search for each new product you want to order (as opposed to leaving the granules in your cart), but each new search will only return the qualifying granules for that data product.

Earthdata search ( does have an icon on the right side of the map called "Search by spatial coordinate.

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