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Posted: Mon Sep 25, 2023 9:42 pm America/New_York
by yammh
I am having a issue processing modis geolocation. There has been a problem processing terra data since September 20th. The Internet is operating normally.
Please advise.

[guest@modis temp]$ -o MOD03.2023.0925.1201.terra-1.1_1.230925121058.hdf --disable-download -d --ancdb=./ancdb -v --log 2023.0925.1201.terra-1.1_1.230925121058.level1a.hdf Determining required attitude and ephemeris files...

Input file: 2023.0925.1201.terra-1.1_1.230925121058.level1a.hdf
Sensor : modist
Start time: 2023268120119
End time : 2023268120947

Cannot create geolocation from 2023.0925.1201.terra-1.1_1.230925121058.level1a.hdf; exiting.
Error! could not establish a network connection. Check your network connection.
If you do not find a problem, please try again later.

Re: processing failure

Posted: Tue Jan 09, 2024 9:55 am America/New_York
by sidsaini445
It seems there was an issue accessing or downloading the required auxiliary attitude and ephemeris data needed by the tool to process the MODIS geolocation.

A few things to try:

Check your network connection and make sure you have access to the internet and the URLs used to fetch the auxiliary data. The error indicates it failed to establish a network connection.

Try running again with the "--verbose" option to get more detailed output on what URLs it is trying to access. See if those specific servers/files are accessible.

Use the "--ancdb" option to point to a local directory containing the attitude/ephemeris data instead of downloading it. You may need to manually obtain these files for the given date range.

There could have been a temporary issue on 9/20 with the servers hosting the auxiliary data. Trying a different date may work if the network itself is okay.

If the network itself seems fine, it's likely an issue with the availability of the specific attitude/ephemeris files on 9/20. Providing access to those files locally through "--ancdb" should allow the geolocation process to complete.

Let me know if the additional troubleshooting details help resolve the problem or if you have any other questions!

Sid saini