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Posted: Mon Sep 25, 2023 9:45 pm America/New_York
by yammh
I am having a issue processing modis geolocation. There has been a problem processing terra data since September 20th. The Internet is operating normally.
Please advise.

[guest@modis temp]$ -o MOD03.2023.0925.1201.terra-1.1_1.230925121058.hdf --disable-download -d --ancdb=./ancdb -v --log 2023.0925.1201.terra-1.1_1.230925121058.level1a.hdf Determining required attitude and ephemeris files...

Input file: 2023.0925.1201.terra-1.1_1.230925121058.level1a.hdf
Sensor : modist
Start time: 2023268120119
End time : 2023268120947

Cannot create geolocation from 2023.0925.1201.terra-1.1_1.230925121058.level1a.hdf; exiting.
Error! could not establish a network connection. Check your network connection.
If you do not find a problem, please try again later.

Re: processing failure

Posted: Tue Sep 26, 2023 3:53 pm America/New_York
by OB SeaDAS - xuanyang02
Please let us know where you downloaded the terra file from, so we can try to replicate the error.

It's also helpful if you can share the output of the following command here

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I did

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modis_GEO T2023268120000.L1A_LAC 
with no issues

You might want to try again, in case there was connection issue