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Missing OPENJPEG for WINDOWS in Seadas 8.4.1

Posted: Thu Dec 07, 2023 10:42 pm America/New_York
by pmannoni06
In Windows (on 2 pc) with Seadas 8.4.1 I kept getting error "Invalid OpenJpeg executables" when trying to open Sentinel2 L2 and L1 files (the ones with Jpeg2000 granules). I found out that the openjpeg exxecutables for Windows where missing, the only folder installed was C:\Users\myself\.seadas8\auxdata\openjpeg\\openjpeg-2.1.0-macosx-aarch64
I installed Seadas 8.4.0 alongside 8.4.1 and it installed the missing folders (including the openjpeg-2.1.0-win64) with all the executables.
Of course this issue happens only if you installed Seadas 8.4.1 with no previous Seadas Installation.
Hope this helps for new users and it would be lovely if you could update the installer to solve this issue.

Re: Missing OPENJPEG for WINDOWS in Seadas 8.4.1

Posted: Sat Dec 16, 2023 8:55 pm America/New_York
by bharatsharma
Hello pmannoni06,
Your solution to install SeaDAS 8.4.0 alongside 8.4.1, which provided the necessary openjpeg-2.1.0-win64 folder and executables.