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Error at calibrate_viirs while processing VIIRS-JPSS1 data

Posted: Thu Dec 21, 2023 10:27 pm America/New_York
by mqliu
I used ocssw202202 to process the VIIRSJ1 data for 2023, but all the data after 082 are getting errors at calibrate_viirs.
For example, I executed the following code:

calibrate_viirs ifile=/home/scratch/data/VIIRSJ1/CHS/working/W2023160035400/ l1bfile_mod=/home/scratch/data/VIIRSJ1/CHS/working/W2023160035400/ rsb_dynamic_lut_file=/home/scratch/data/VIIRSJ1/CHS/tmp/ dnb_dynamic_lut_file=/home/scratch/data/VIIRSJ1/CHS/tmp/ straylight_lut_file=/home/scratch/data/VIIRSJ1/CHS/tmp/ cmn_lut_file=/home/scratch/data/VIIRSJ1/CHS/tmp/ geo_lut_file=/home/scratch/data/VIIRSJ1/CHS/tmp/ static_lut_file=/home/scratch/data/VIIRSJ1/CHS/tmp/

The error message is as follows:
VcstCmnGeo:: Divide by 0 xyCon PolarWander/UT1 data in getPolarUT1UTC.
VcstCmnGeo::getPolarUT1UTC returned error in setPolarWander()
VcstCmnGeo::setPolarWander() failure
VcstObc:: CmnGeo initialization failure
VcstViirsCal::Granule initialization failure
Main:: Calibration initialization failure

Re: Error at calibrate_viirs while processing VIIRS-JPSS1 data

Posted: Wed Dec 27, 2023 10:39 am America/New_York
by OB SeaDAS - xuanyang02
From what site did you download Did you try calibrate_viirs on VIRRS-JPSS1 data from OB.DAAC or