HELP NEEDED!! Data about Iraq

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HELP NEEDED!! Data about Iraq

by lhok2401 » Mon Feb 12, 2024 1:39 pm America/New_York

Hey! For my Internal Assessment for the IB Diploma, I need to find data regarding Iraq and some measure of climate change. Initially, I was thinking mean surface temp or some measure of greenhouse gas emissions, I am open to any other appropriate measure of climate change.

Does NASA have data regarding Iraq? I know they measure global temps, is there a way to access data regarding other countries?

I'm having a hard time going through their data. Any tips are appreciated.



ASDC - David W.
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Re: HELP NEEDED!! Data about Iraq

by ASDC - David W. » Mon Feb 12, 2024 4:05 pm America/New_York

hi Ihok2401,

The NASA POWER Project ( has global reanalysis surface data going back to 1981 to present. I would start there.

If you need true surface temperature measurements, then you can try the NOAA National Centers for Environmental Information ( and search for ground stations in Iraq.

Thank you,

David W.
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