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Inquiry on Along-Track Data Gaps in SWOT KaRIN SSH L2 2.0 Products

Posted: Thu Mar 28, 2024 4:42 am America/New_York
by ulloa_noel
Hello all,

I’m currently working with the SWOT KaRIN SSH L2 2.0 products and have observed gaps in the data along the orbit tracks. These gaps are particularly noticeable over coastal regions, as seen in data for Pass 103 over the Philippines. I am not sure if these gaps could be related to spacecraft events or data collection masks, but I am seeking further clarification.

Does anyone have a clue of the reasons behind these specific gaps?




Re: Inquiry on Along-Track Data Gaps in SWOT KaRIN SSH L2 2.0 Products

Posted: Thu Apr 04, 2024 7:30 pm America/New_York
by PODAAC - celiaoued
For your reference, here is a page that keeps track of spacecraft events: (Also reachable from )

My first thought is that the gaps come from some flag(s), possibly related to the some of the corrections such as rad_wet_tropo_cor and sea_state_bias_cor. The reason I mentioned this is because of comparing the ssh_karin and ssh_karin_2 variables from the same pass (image attached), and knowing that their difference is in using the radiometer-derived corrections vs the model-derived corrections. I suggest that you plot some flags to compare, and review the PDD ( for flag information, and check the last section of the Release Note for known features and issues (

Would love to hear what others say about these gaps!
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