Spatial Filtering

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Spatial Filtering

by j.graham » Tue Apr 23, 2024 7:34 am America/New_York

I noticed when trying to search and download data via the Earthdata Search GUI & also the EarthAccess python library search function using a spatial filter that it included granules that were not expected. As their corresponding passes were outside of the bounding box:
(min_lon = -5.7087
max_lon = 1.9309
min_lat = 48.5
max_lat = 51.166).
One of the granules in question was ( I noticed that the spatial filtering includes the granule if the spatial box is within the min_lat and max_lat values of that granules pass (As opposed to its expected behaviour of filtering it based on its spatial coverage). Yet anything outside of these values would correctly filter it out. This is for the short_name SWOT_L2_LR_SSH_2.0. Is this a known issue?


PODAAC - celiaoued
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Re: Spatial Filtering

by PODAAC - celiaoued » Thu Apr 25, 2024 8:33 pm America/New_York

Yes, this is a known issue. This kind of spatial search result will happen whenever the granule has bounding boxes as part of its spatial metadata. We have currently removed the bounding boxes for many granules so that the spatial search now works properly for those, but for some granules the bounding boxes might not be cleaned up yet. I will look into the status of bounding box removal, because I expect that for a good portion of the SWOT L2 LR SSH data available, it should not be a problem. What time frame are you interested in?
And, have you tried the sub-collection SWOT_L2_LR_SSH_Basic_2.0?

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