ERBE MEaSUREs Project Description

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ERBE MEaSUREs Project Description

by ASDC - ingridgs » Thu Apr 25, 2024 10:44 am America/New_York

Please update the current description

New Description:
The ERBE MEaSUREs project utilizes knowledge gained in the last ten years through CERES data analyses. It applies the knowledge to existing data to develop long-term (nearly 30 years) consistent and calibrated data products (TOA irradiances at the same radiometric scale) from multiple missions (ERBE and CERES). This project produces level 3 surface irradiance products consistent with observed TOA irradiances in a 1D radiative transfer theory framework. Based on these TOA and surface irradiance products, a data product that contains the contribution of atmospheric and cloud property variability to TOA and surface irradiance variability is developed. All algorithms used in the process are based on existing CERES algorithms.


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Re: ERBE MEaSUREs Project Description

by GCMD - sritz » Fri May 24, 2024 2:05 pm America/New_York

Ingrid, there are two requests for changes to ERBE MEaSUREs. I added the first one to the ticket.


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