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VNP46A1 to VNP46A2

Posted: Tue Feb 02, 2021 5:09 am America/New_York
by avinashc_1976
Page 9 of the user guide to the VNP46 suite of products, states that the input files to the VNP46A2 product are the following files (apart from VNP46A1):
VNP43LGDNBA1 - VIIRS/NPP DNB BRDF/Albedo ModelParameters Daily L3 GlobalLLL GridVNPLG09GA - VIIRS/NPP Surface Reflectance Daily L2G GlobalLinear Lat Lon Grid
VNP04LGA - VIIRS/NPP Aerosols Optical Thickness Daily L2G Global Linear Lat Lon Gr
However, I am unable to find these products anywhere on the site. I have found something resembling their description (e.g., but a different nomenclature. Could you direct me as to where these other products are to be found?
thanks very much

Re: VNP46A1 to VNP46A2

Posted: Wed Feb 03, 2021 2:00 pm America/New_York
by LAADS_UserServices_M
Dear User,
You could not find VNP43LGDNBA1, VNPLG09GA, and VNP04LGA products because these are for internal use and are not made publicly available.

LAADS User Services