SeaDAS 4.5 Update #1 now available

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SeaDAS 4.5 Update #1 now available

by obdaac_forum_user » Fri Mar 12, 2004 1:56 pm America/New_York

Announcement: SeaDAS 4.5 Update #1 now available

Dear SeaDAS Users:

SeaDAS 4.5 Update #1 is now available on our ftp site. This release includes the following:

- Fix for MODIS Aqua L1A displaying upside-down
- Added vcal_opt argument to SeaWiFS l1bgen
- Fix for ship tracks crossing dateline
- Fix for PNG output problem
- Added SSTWARN/SSTFAIL flags to L2 Flags Display
- Fix for rline add points select button

To obtain this release, follow these instructions:

1.  Anonymously ftp to
2.  After logged in, switch to binary mode:
3.  Change directory to where the release files are located:
       cd seadas/seadas/update01
4.  Get the INSTRUCTIONS file and follow the directions.
5.  Enjoy and let us know if you have any problems.

NOTE:  If you have not already installed SeaDAS 4.5, you do not need toget this update, since it is included in the main distribution tar files.

The SeaDAS Development Group  (


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