Announcement: SeaDAS 5.0 Update 04 available

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Announcement: SeaDAS 5.0 Update 04 available

by obdaac_admin » Thu Jan 04, 2007 10:20 am America/New_York

SeaDAS 5.0 Update 04 is now available on our ftp site.

Instructions for installing SeaDAS 5.0 Update 04:

This update provides:
- Updates to processing programs:
- msl12 5.5.6
- l2bin 2.1.4
- l1agen 4.1.1
- smigen 3.36
- A major overhaul of the L2 Flags Display including:
- MODIS SST qual_sst/qual_sst4 flag type is now supported
- Added feature for short vs. long flag names and also floating tooltips
- Added dynamic color box to display flag color and activate color modification
- Added a complement button and menu option to show inverse of flags
- Added a masks->permanent graphics button
- Fixed msl12 command-line problem with brdf_opt option.
- Fixed msl12 problems with DAAC-formatted Terra files.
- Added new SST products to msl12 product selection list.
- Added thermal bands to MODIS L1A display list.
- Improved CZCS L2 flag display functions and enabled correct multiple flags/masks in color
display for image analysis.

NOTE: If you have not installed SeaDAS 5.0 yet, you DO NOT need to
install this update after installing the main software, since this
update is included in the main tar file distributions.

1. Go to your main $SEADAS directory:
2. Anonymously ftp to
3. After logged in, switch to binary mode:
4. Change directory to where the update files are located:
cd seadas/seadas/update04
5. Turn prompting off:
6. Get the zipped tar file for the update that corresponds to
your operating system:
get update04_rh73.tar.gz (for RedHat 7.3)
get update04_fc2.tar.gz (for Fedora Core 1 and 2)
get update04_fc4.tar.gz (for Fedora Core 4)
get update04_centos.tar.gz (for CentOS 4.2)
get update04_mac.tar.gz (for Mac OS-10.3)
get update04_sol28.tar.gz (for Solaris 2.8 64-bit)
get update04_sol27.tar.gz (for Solaris 2.7 64-bit)
get update04_irix.tar.gz (for Irix 6.5 32-bit)
6. Log off of ftp
7. Unzip and extract the update files:
gunzip -c update04_rh73.tar.gz | tar xvf -
8. Change to the update04 directory:
cd update04
9. Make sure that your $SEADAS environment variable is set correctly:
setenv SEADAS /wherever/your/seadas5.0/is/located (for c shell)
or export SEADAS=/wherever/your/seadas5.0/is/located (for bash shell)
10. Run the update_04.csh script to install the files:
11. Run seadas_setup:
seadas_setup OR seadas_setup -em
12. Enjoy and let us know if you have any problems.

The SeaDAS Development Group


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