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ASLO meeting in Nice (January 25-30)

Posted: Mon Sep 08, 2008 7:46 am America/New_York
by genecarlfeldman
Dear Ocean Color community members:We would like to invite you to present your work in a special session (#6) focused on novel uses of remotely sensed ocean color to study the upper ocean's biogeochemistry (see below) that will take place in the upcoming ASLO meeting in Nice (January 25-30). The abstract submission deadline is midnight (23:59 GMT/18:59 US, CDT) on 3 October 2008 (just before Ocean Optics).All the best and see you in Nice,Emmanuel Boss and Hubert Loisel006. Novel uses of remotely sensed ocean color to study the upper ocean's biogeochemistryOrganizers: Emmanuel Boss, University of Maine,; Hubert Loisel, Université du Littoral - Côte d'Opale, Hubert.Loisel@univ-littoral.frAs the oceanographic community develops different approaches to constraint the ocean's role in the carbon cycle, availability of data on large spatial scales and short temporal scales has become essential. The only source of biogeochemical data on these scales comes from ocean color remote sensing. In the past few year inversions of ocean color have moved beyond the estimation of phytoplankton pigment to include, among other, estimates of particulate organic carbon, phytoplankton carbon, particulate size distribution, and phytoplankton functional groups. In addition, inversion products have been used in new ways to constrain a variety of processes as well as variables involved in the modeling of upper ocean biogeochemistry.Which specific model variable can be adequately constrained or tested with ocean color products is still a matter of research, in particular given the possible uncertainties in some of the products. This session is intended to highlight recent advances as well as to enhance communication and collaboration between ocean color practitioners and the oceanographers who use their products. ************************************************Emmanuel BossAssociate ProfessorSchool of Marine Sciences, University of MaineSabbatical address from August 21st, 2008 until June 2009:Emmanuel Boss c/o Hezi GildorDept. of Environmental Sciences and Energy Research Weizmann Institute of Science Rehovot 76100, ISRAELTel: 972-8-9343766, Fax: 972-8-934124, cell: 972-52-7503112 < ... s.phpskype: emmanuel.bossPermanent address:5706 Aubert HallTel: 207-581-4378, Fax: 207-581-4388cell:207-356-9147