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SeaDAS 6.1 Update 02 Released

Posted: Tue Jun 08, 2010 1:37 pm America/New_York
by OB.DAAC - SeanBailey
Dear SeaDAS Community,

This is to announce the release of the second update to SeaDAS version 6.1.

This update to includes several bug fixes and the following changes:

* update to l2extract to correct an issue with the location metadata that
preveneted the SeaDAS GUI from properly re-mapping files that crossed the
dateline (180E)
* update to correct a bug in the implementation of a change to l1agen_seawifs
released with Update_01 to handle the latest SeaWiFS GPS anomaly
* update to the modis_timestamp code
* minor change to bl3map code to include the ability to handle MERIS data

Installing the update:

1) change directory to $SEADAS/updates (if one does not
already exist, you should first install Update 01)

2) download the appropriate platform specific update file(s) from:

linux: ... nux.tar.gz
macintel: ... tel.tar.gz
macppc: ... ppc.tar.gz

3) uncompress the update file:

gunzip -c update_02_<platform>.tar.gz | tar xvpf -

where <platform> is either linux, macppc or macintel as appropriate.

e.g. gunzip -c update_02_linux.tar.gz | tar xvpf -

4) run the update script:
change directories to $SEADAS/updates/update_02

run update_02.csh


The SeaDAS Development Team