SeaDAS 7.0 Released

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SeaDAS 7.0 Released

by OB.DAAC - SeanBailey » Tue Apr 23, 2013 1:57 pm America/New_York

SeaDAS 7.0 - Release Notes (4/22/2013)

SeaDAS 7.0 is our first official release of the new interface for SeaDAS. This is a major transition from an
IDL-based interface to a Java interface that was developed in collaboration with Brockmann Consult,
the German company that develops the BEAM image display and processing tool for many of ESA's

This release includes all of the final processing programs (and source code) used for the MODIS-Aqua
Reprocessing 2013.0:

[URL: // ]

Important Note
The format of the xcal files are incompatible with previous versions of the code!
Users who do not wish to apply this update may want to disable any automated processes that update the LUT files.

Processing Code
With this release there is a significant change to the manner in which the processing components are delivered and
updated. We now have a series of publicly accessible Git repositories. This applies to users of the previous version
of SeaDAS (6.x), as well. Details on how to install the processing code with these new repositories is available:


This release of SeaDAS is built atop the 4.11 version of BEAM and therefore includes all the features of BEAM.
In addition to these features, this release includes:
* an enhanced the color manipulation tool
* a coastline and land/water mask tool
* an import tool for SeaBASS formatted data files
* GUI front-ends for the various processing programs provided by SeaDAS.

We have also implemented a full suite of product readers to allow the visualization of the data products produced and
supported by the Ocean Biology Processing Group. These include:
* SeaWiFS
* VIIRS (see below for more details)
* Aquarius (see below for more details)
* OCM-2

The extensive help pages available from within the SeaDAS application, are also available on the SeaDAS website.

VIIRS Support:
This release of SeaDAS includes support for processing and display of VIIRS on the NPP-Suomi platform, Processing
for VIIRS data is currently supported beginning with L1B (SDR). We do not currently support the ability to process
VIIRS L0 (RDR) data. VIIRS processing also now supports aggregated granules.

Aquarius Support:
SeaDAS 7 provides visualization support for the Aquarius mission for Level 2 data products and above.
Processing support for Aquarius is also provided for the Aquarius radiometer, allowing users to process L1A files to L2.

Our Windows versions currently do not offer the full processing capability available with the Linux and Mac versions.
We are currently working on a methodology to allow remote execution of the processing code. This will allow for an
implementation of the processing code in a virtual machine to be accessed from any client - including Windows clients.
We plan to include this capability for the next major release of the software.


The SeaDAS Development Group


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