Full resolution MERIS data search temporarily unavailable

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Full resolution MERIS data search temporarily unavailable

by OB.DAAC - SeanBailey » Fri Jul 22, 2016 2:38 pm America/New_York

The ability to search for MERIS full resolution (FR) data on the L1/L2 Browser will be temporarily unavailable.

This outage is to allow a updates to the search database. 

The current data served by the L1/L2 Browser are from the second MERIS L1B reprocessing. 
Once the database update is complete, the browser will provide access to the FR data from the third MERIS reprocessing. 

These data have been available via the OB.DAAC data distribution site for some time now and will continue to be accessible via that interface during the L1/L2 Browser outage.

The MERIS Reduced Resolution (RR) data are unaffected by this outage (and are from the third reprocessing).

The Level 2 products will be generated when the MERIS mission has been processed for the R2014.0 multi-mission reprocessing effort.
MERIS is the final mission to be reprocessed and we expect to initiate it's L2 reprocessing by Fall 2016.



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