Upcoming changes to user registration for services and data from the oceancolor web

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Upcoming changes to user registration for services and data from the oceancolor web

by genecarlfeldman » Wed Oct 05, 2016 1:40 pm America/New_York

We want to let all the users of the services and data provided via the
OceanColor website know that in the very near future, we will be finalizing
our efforts to consolidate ALL the various registration functions into a
single account that will grant access to the ocean color forum, data ordering
and direct data download including access to data from all non-NASA missions
that we support (MERIS, GOCI, OLCI, etc), near real-time subscriptions and
SeaBASS. All data will still be available without restriction but we are
aligning our procedures to not only simplify the registration procedure for
the variety of data and services that we provide but also, to conform to the
NASA policy that requires registration with the Earth Observing System Data
and Information System for user access to all data products and services that
access data.

To register, all users will need to create an account via Earthdata Login
even if you have registered for an Ocean Biology Processing Group (OBPG) user account.

For those users who have already created accounts via Earthdata Login, you
will not need to reregister but you may be prompted to authorize a particular
application/function/service on our website if you have not used it before.
When that occurs, you will be redirected to the Earthdata Login page and asked
to authorize that service and then once you agree, you will be automatically
redirected back to our website to resume your session.

This notice is to alert you to this upcoming change and we will post
additional reminders as the date of the transition gets closer and as further
details are available. Feel free to register for an account now if you don't
already have one so that you will be all ready when transition takes place.

Thanks for your support and understanding and we sincerely believe that this
should make your access to all the data and services that we provide even more
efficient and productive.

With our best regards on behalf of all the members of the Ocean Biology
Processing Group,


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