WebApp making api call to MERRA-2 dataset

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WebApp making api call to MERRA-2 dataset

by leila.alhemali » Thu Jan 27, 2022 5:23 pm America/New_York

I am working on a solar spectra modeling tool that gets 5 different atmospheric inputs from the MERRA-2 dataset. I need 144 of the .nc4 files for my program to work well. Is there a publicly available API or another way to access the GES DISC server through my app?


GES DISC - mgreene
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Re: WebApp making api call to MERRA-2 dataset

by GES DISC - mgreene » Fri Jan 28, 2022 4:23 pm America/New_York

Below please find two option to assist you in accessing the data.

How to Use the Web Services API for Subsetting MERRA-2 Data, https://disc.gsfc.nasa.gov/information/ ... A-2%20Data

You may also want to try the following,

How to Access MERRA-2 Data using OPeNDAP with Python3 and Calculate Daily/Weekly/Monthly Statistics from Hourly Data (https://disc.gsfc.nasa.gov/information/ ... %20Data%20

Hope you find this information helpful!

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