MODIS metadata download

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MODIS metadata download

by d.beaulne1 » Fri May 20, 2022 3:14 pm America/New_York

Hi all,

I'm just wondering if there's a way to query only the metadata for MODIS scenes in a similar way to what's available for other missions, like Sentinel-2 MSI.

For instance, I can query metadata for scenes for Sentinel-2 MSI that match certain criteria (region of interest, date range, processing level, etc.) and it outputs a list of scenes and metadata for those scenes. An example of a subset of the metadata available for one scene is:

{"type": "Feature", "geometry": {"type": "Polygon", "coordinates": [[[-81.00024547144766, 43.01899097665597], [-81.00024288390156, 42.36407192041621], [-80.68077733157901, 42.3622150338023], [-80.64434100493725, 42.458024551512175], [-80.58875765737184, 42.60389650887157], [-80.53298685034481, 42.749715035306494], [-80.47755588321958, 42.894142435787984], [-80.53259352836902, 42.90788974357796], [-80.7733150184104, 42.967211297045885], [-80.77307520910169, 42.967844579639525], [-80.78613516321434, 42.97086791674452], [-80.78638482028211, 42.97020694099213], [-80.78867982211358, 42.970733130796575], [-80.78873972500611, 42.97057469086569], [-81.00024547144766, 43.01899097665597]]]}, "properties": {"link": "'2ed4793f-b878-435c-9d7e-7c16167f2cc4')/$value", "link_alternative": "'2ed4793f-b878-435c-9d7e-7c16167f2cc4')/", "beginposition": "2015-08-04 16:31:26.027000", "endposition": "2015-08-04 16:31:26.027000", "ingestiondate": "2019-02-02 02:13:20.201000", "orbitnumber": 609, "relativeorbitnumber": 40, "cloudcoverpercentage": 1.4291, "instrumentshortname": "MSI", "orbitdirection": "DESCENDING", "platformserialidentifier": "Sentinel-2A", "processingbaseline": "02.04", "processinglevel": "Level-1C", "producttype": "S2MSI1C", "size": "147.64 MB", "tileid": "17TNH", "filename": "S2A_MSIL1C_20150804T163126_N0204_R040_T17TNH_20150804T163120.SAFE", "uuid": "2ed4793f-b878-435c-9d7e-7c16167f2cc4"}}

Is there anything close to the equivalent for this for MODIS data?

Thank you,


ASDC - ingridgs
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Re: MODIS metadata download

by ASDC - ingridgs » Fri May 20, 2022 3:43 pm America/New_York

Hi Danielle,

Thank you for contacting the Earthdata Forum with your question.

The Earthdata Search Tool allows you to filter collections according to the criteria you stated.
Go to
In the menu on the left side, you have all the filters for the collections.
For the date range, please click on the calendar icon on the top left of the menu.
For a spatial extent filter, select the polygon, square, circle, or point in the menu on the right side.

The Matching collection will show on the white panel.


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Re: MODIS metadata download

by rapsodia86 » Fri May 20, 2022 5:15 pm America/New_York

If you are interested in the metadata records of your search, allows you to export your results to different formats as: *.kmz, *.txt, *.csv, etc. with details about each record. MODIS data are under: NASA LPDAAC Collections.
For MOD09A1v61, I got:
Local Granule ID Entity ID Acquisition Start Date Acquisition End Date Horizontal Tile Number Vertical Tile Number Day/Night Indicator Version Number Product Generation Algorithm Auto Quality Flag Auto Quality Flag Explanation Science Quality Flag Science Quality Flag Expln Missing Data Percentage DOI Authority DOI Name Center Latitude Center Longitude NW Corner Lat NW Corner Long NE Corner Lat NE Corner Long SE Corner Lat SE Corner Long SW Corner Lat SW Corner Long Center Latitude dec Center Longitude dec NW Corner Lat dec NW Corner Long dec NE Corner Lat dec NE Corner Long dec SE Corner Lat dec SE Corner Long dec SW Corner Lat dec SW Corner Long dec Display ID

I.e. for Landsat 7 I got:
Landsat Product Identifier L2 Landsat Product Identifier L1 Landsat Scene Identifier Date Acquired Scan Line Corrector Collection Category Collection Number Sensor Mode WRS Path WRS Row Full Partial Scene Date Product Generated L2 Date Product Generated L1 Start Time Stop Time Station Identifier Day/Night Indicator Land Cloud Cover Scene Cloud Cover L1 Ground Control Points Model Ground Control Points Version Geometric RMSE Model Geometric RMSE Model X Geometric RMSE Model Y Image Quality Gain Change Processing Software Version Sun Elevation L1 Sun Azimuth L1 Gap Phase Source Gap Phase Statistic Data Type L2 Sensor Identifier Satellite Product Map Projection L2 UTM Zone Datum Ellipsoid Scan Gap Interpolation Scene Center Lat DMS Scene Center Long DMS Corner Upper Left Lat DMS Corner Upper Left Long DMS Corner Upper Right Lat DMS Corner Upper Right Long DMS Corner Lower Left Lat DMS Corner Lower Left Long DMS Corner Lower Right Lat DMS Corner Lower Right Long DMS Scene Center Latitude Scene Center Longitude Corner Upper Left Latitude Corner Upper Left Longitude Corner Upper Right Latitude Corner Upper Right Longitude Corner Lower Left Latitude Corner Lower Left Longitude Corner Lower Right Latitude Corner Lower Right Longitude Display ID Entity ID

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